Friday, October 27, 2006

Sock day

Today is a sock day! I picked up a skein of our 4 ply handpainted yarn in the "Country Fair" colourway, turned the brain power down to low, and started to knit a pair of very basic socks, making the pattern up as I go. I won't lose this knitting project around the house in a hurry - the colours call out for attention.

Lots of dyepot dabbling for customers too - What a great job, playing with colours every day! We use great quality colourfast dyes especially designed for wool and silk.

Australian customers who have been unable to get Kool Aid packets for their own dyepot adventures will be interested to know we have some in stock. Highly recommended for dyeing wool, highly UNRECOMMENDED (?) for drinking (personal opinion only, shudder...)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I completely agree, after seeing what Kool aid can do to wool permanently, who on earth would ingest it? Love your new blog and you are doing a spectacular job on the magazine too! Thanks so much for the great articles, they are a joy to read! Tye x