Sunday, July 29, 2007

New Dyed BFL Rovings... YUM!

I have listed some new fibres from the dyepot - this scrumdidly sooper-squishulated Blue-Faced Leicester, above in the "Freedom Cry" colourway, is gorgeous, with a nice long staple. Lurvely. There are some other colours listed too, and some merino. Also the odd yarn. Listed on the webstore and etsy.

I plan to list some new handspun yarns soon - I have some lovely fibres lined up after my dye session. Stay tuned...

Monday, July 23, 2007

Dye Day!

I've been pottering around in my studio dyeing some yarn and fibres - it has been a while since I have been able to get away from the kids. Even though my studio is very well ventilated, I don't like the idea of them breathing in any of the nasty fumes.

I dyed some BFL roving, sportweight finn yarn and some merino superwash fingering weight yarn. Fun experiments!

I should be listing some dyed BFL roving soonish, and should be dyeing some more in the near future. Super soft and squishy - I love it!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Humbugs and Cardigan Action

More fibrey goodies (NAUGHTY!!!). Humbug BFL and silk roving (top left), humbug shetland (top centre), humbug BFL (top right) and humbug jacob roving (bottom of top photo). The jacob, in particular, is calling my name. I've been wanting to try the wool of this sheep breed since I was about 14 years old reading up on sheep books. (Weird adolescent?? or die-hard fibre-holic??) MUST GET SOME SPINNING ACTION HAPPENING SOON!!
Above is evidence of cardigan knitting action, a top priority due to the COLD weather and COLD house. More info soon.

Unfortunately can't make it to the Sheep & Wool Show at Bendigo, VIC. Poo. Bum. Wee. Regardless of footy etc commitments, I am going next year for sure, WHETHER I HAVE TO DRAG HUSBAND AND CHILDREN 1000 KM TO GET THERE, OR NOT!!!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Quick Knitting

I realised Friday night that I had no beanie to wear while watching my kids play Aussie Rules footy on Saturday morning. The games were out at Richmond where the wind blows over mountains (and any snow that has fallen around Oberon and Orange) right into our faces at the footy field. A cold day was predicted by the weather bureau, and I remembered last time I was there on such a day it was bitterly cold. Therefore I stayed up very late Friday frantically knitting myself a beanie - the rest of the family already had one each.

In the morning, exhausted, and rugged up with layers to fend off the cold wind, I got out of the car and the kids put on their sleeveless footy jumpers and shorts (!) and ran off.

After setting up the chairs, rug, bags with everyone's warm clothes, snacks, water, etc etc, I settled in to watch the game. The winters day was warm as toast and sunny, with a slight refreshing breeze. I took my jacket off. The beanie stayed in my bag.

Hmmm. At least next time I will have a warm hat...

Monday, July 09, 2007

Fibre Experiments Ahead!

I have gone mad acquiring different wool samples to use when doing the guild spinning competence course (however, that may be just an excuse to buy the stuff...) I like the idea of working through a programme to make sure I try out lots of fibres and ideas. A nice challenge, perhaps not as much as the challenge of actually making the time to do it in between family commitments and house renovations! Anyhoo, the intention is there...

In the picture above there is oatmeal blue-faced leicester combed tops, white falkland combed tops, and grey gotland combed tops. Quite different fibres from each other. And I am LOVING the natural colours at the moment!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Some spinning...

I've done some more custom spinning of the alpaca fleeces for a customer. Rich black alpaca, spun about 8 ply, as well as one of my favourites, amethyst shade of merino and tussah silk, with sequins. I love the way the tussah silk creates ribbon-like waves through the yarn. There is some white alpaca yarn bursting off the bobbins, too, crying out for plying. Soon...