Sunday, October 15, 2006

Of houses and grandmothers...

Did I mention that I LOVE our new/old house?

It is a grandmother's sort of house, very old, rambling, creaky and homey. Not flash and new, so that we can live without anxiety about ruining carpets or dinging woodwork.

I have been granted a "studio" in this big old house - my husband's idea. LUCKY, LUCKY ME!!!!! Or perhaps lucky, lucky husband, as he now can move from room to room without jumping/tripping/wading over/around/through fibre, spinning wheels, art easels, knitting needles, dyepots, get the idea. I have a talent in that I can cover low, mid and high level horizontal surfaces with craft materials in world record time. It's all useful stuff, though.

Some of the projects on the to-do list, hidden away in the studio. Two antique chairs for recovering - after we bought this "grandmother's house" I popped on to eBay for some "grandmother's chairs". One is destined to be my new/old spinning chair. Note the old carpet - my house as a child had this style of carpet (didn't everyone's?) and we used to jump from flower to flower.

Some of my oil paintings-in-progress. Short attention span means many partly completed paintings and/or other projects. So many great things to do before we leave this earth. A woman can never have enough hobbies!!!!

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