Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Silk and Roses

We recently moved house and have inherited a GORGEOUS garden. The scent of roses fills the air and flows through open windows into our house. Aaah, spring!

I've been spinning full pelt on my new Majacraft Susie wheel, which has been affectionately named "Elspeth". Elspeth and I will treadle many miles in the years to come, and I love her. We are getting on like a house on fire.

The first yarn to come off Elspeth is this merino/silk plied yarn using 22 micron merino top and silk cap. The silk fibre in these caps is so STRONG. Amazing little creatures, the silkworm caterpillars. Who would have thought...

This yarn is so, so soft and drapes beautifully. I have taken a close up so you can see the shine of the silk. I have plans to dye it, but want to put some thought in to it first, and think I'll spin about 400g - this skein weighs 100g. Perhaps I'll use the rose garden as inspiration for the colourway...

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abe/hap said...

Yes rose garden would be great colours for spring knitting :)
Glad you guys have a blog.
Love reading your online magazine.