Friday, October 13, 2006


Lots of late night dabbling in the dyepot!

"Smokey Rose" merino top (ooh, I like it!) and "Rainforest Floor," which has been handspun for a lovely customer.

Here is a little pic of "Elspeth" doing her thing!

and soaking the yarn to set the twist.

Very hot today at 37 degrees C, with tomorrow predicted to be hotter! Spring only lasted 10 minutes and we're straight into summer! So to end the school holidays, I've been helping my daughter learn how to spin on an old Ashford Traditional wheel. She's just starting to get the knack of it, and her first skein is soaking ready to set the twist, and then take to school on Monday for news!

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Ruth.... said...

Couldn't help but to comment on your devine wool soaking there...sometimes colour combinations can really catch your eye. I'm loving this! (Imagine the coolest hippy beanie)