Thursday, April 26, 2007

Yarn and Yawns

Long time Life has been so incredibly hectic here that blogging took a back seat for a while. Still busy, not much sleeping happening, and just keeping head above water!

I had family staying here, then a friend with whom I've been co-writing a screenplay. We finally finished the script, after working 12-14 hour days to get it to the finishing line (then having to go into "Mum-mode" for the remaining hours of the day!!) Now to pitch it and cross fingers. What an amazing learning experience!!

Lots of orders and custom spinning happening, and I've been finishing off some more Bohemian-Style Handspun Yarns which were clogging up the bobbins. They're not listed in the store yet, but in the next few days or so. More handpainted yarns in merino and finn coming fairly soon. Also been working on EarthMother Designs, so will try and get some time to stock the new etsy store. I had such fun working out the logo. I'm trying not to stress about all of the things that need doing - taking a step back to enjoy the garden, watch the sky, and dream some dreams...

Monday, April 16, 2007

New Colourways for Handpainted Yarns

I have been busy filling custom orders for handpainted yarns, amongst other things. Here is a small sample of the dyeing I have been doing. New colourways have been added to the webstore page, with more to come in the next week or so. Most of the yarns I have dyed are sold already, so I'll list more on the store in the next week or so. I LOVE working with colour and coming up with new combinations.

I have also been lucky enough through a lovely customer to get my hands on a secondhand Ashford Elizabeth wheel for some finer spinning. Once I get off my learner driver status on this new wheel, I hope to do lots of longdraw woollen style spinning to get some practice in!

Also seem to have reignited my crochet obsession from many years ago...

Have fun spinning and knitting!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

!! More Bohemian Style Handspun Yarns Listed !!

This yarn above is "Gypsy Rhythm" Bohemian Style Handspun Yarn, and the one below is "Seduction." They are listed for sale on the etsy store and webstore. The colours are LUMINOUS! I enjoyed playing around with these little beauties! Woo hoo!!