Saturday, October 28, 2006

!! In a Fibre Frenzy !!

I'm LOVING my new Majacraft wheel (introduced in a previous blog entry as "Elspeth"). Sleep seems to have gone out the window, with so many hours spent dyeing, spinning and knitting lately. When the inspiration comes, I go with it!!

NOT happy with the Majacraft plying bobbin set, though. In fact, I'm not using it due to the high irritation factor (doesn't creating irritation defeat the purpose of spinning??) and will take it back to be checked out. Too much slipping and sliding around of various bits, catching the yarn on the hooks...NOT HAPPY!

I've just listed this late night yarn in our etsy store and on our website. It is a Handspun Yarn Accent Kit, in Lavender & Rust colourway. Great for a knitted cap/beanie!!

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abe/hap said...

Hi guys Im starting a pair of socks with the cool blue yarn, although I think Ill need to order more as 100g wont make 2 socks. can wait to see your finished, and your handspuns are looking great.