Sunday, February 25, 2007

New Product Line - Bohemian Style Handspun Yarns !!!

I've been spinning up a storm! This yarn is begins my new range of "Bohemian Themed Handspun Yarns", and is called "Earthmother's Repose". I do love it. Rich, vibrant colours, varied textures with coils, and lots of embellishment with charms, amethyst stones, sari silk, shell discs and sequins, creating a gypsy/bohemian style. Stunning! I think I need to redecorate my home in these colours, I love them so much!

Earthmother's Repose Bohemian Handspun Yarn is listed for sale on etsy and on our webstore.

There are more boho handspun yarns on the bobbin, so stay tuned.


Ruth.... said...

Very very nice....this really should be in the Yarn Museum, Wen...

Merry Munchkin Designs said...

Now that is what I call coooooooool.
I agree with Ruth, it should be in the yarn museum!