Saturday, February 10, 2007

Completely Batty

Been a bit under the weather with a cold this week, so short on posts. However, have been quietly doing some spinning, and garment design (in-head and on paper), as well as quite a bit of research on fibre preparation and other fibre-y things. Also planning a high school workshop on natural fibres for textile students - yup, not much resting going on here.

These batts are suffolk fleece that I washed, dyed and whacked through the drum carder. I'm going to combine these batts with some more of the suffock fleece and use them to spin socks. I haven't spun suffolk before, so it will be interesting. Shortish staple length, amazingly sproingly to touch - and very sponge-like when being washed.

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Ruth.... said...

Hiya Wen...making batts is so fun. I've been also thinking about designs and one thing I would like to do more of is felting. I've been trying to felt a nice stubby holder by criss-crossing fibres over and around a drinking glass. Any tips? All the best, Ruth...xx