Sunday, November 26, 2006

Knitting for Sanity

I have finally been diagnosed!

I have worked out that I have contracted a serious condition, known now as CPCS "Compulsive Project Commencement Syndrome" - I've begun three knitting projects and two handspun yarn projects just this week alone.
No, I haven't finished my socks from a month ago.
No, I haven't finished spinning all of the merino/silk yarn I've been working on. They are all on the "To Do" list. So many ideas, so little time!

This beanie I started is being knitted with some handspun slubby that a little puppy got stuck into (the yarn was resting on the bobbin overnight), and I have tried to salvage some of it. There were patches of yarn that went to the yarn retirement centre in the sky, never to be used again. I'm not too into maths, but I worked out this equation: Puppy + Handspun Yarn = Time Wasted.

This week we have had tradesmen in renovating our kitchen. The front screen door was constantly left open as they went in and out of the house, and I have developed another obsessive habit of running around with a flyswat squishing many, many blowflies (sorry to my readers, I am not a blowfly liberationist). I did try to get the door to be left closed by stating to the tradies that if a black or brown snake came in the front door, they would be catching it, not me. The door then stayed closed for all of fifteen minutes. So it was back to power tools and blowflies. All while it was 40 degrees celsius outside (and pretty close to that inside!). ("You were knitting a beanie?" I hear you ask!!!)
Hence, knitting for sanity.


Merry Munchkin Designs said...

Do not fear Wendy, I too suffer from the exact same disease, and it has not killed me, yet. It is keeping my physio's car payments happy though...... I always knit when its hot too!

Ruth.... said...

Wendy, Tye and I are in love with your little felted guy..he is just so adorable. Of course, if you ever find yourself in Melbourne with nothing to do you'll have to catch up and have a spin in - felt a little brown guy session. I'll put the kettle on!

ARJ said...

Hi there. I just found your store & wonderful free online magazine from a link on the Pixie Purls spinning forum & then found your blog from there. How nice it was to finally find a decently done spinning blog & online shop in NSW (it seems like the only other ones that catch my eye are in the US)! I am already planning on saving up to buy some of your drool-worthy fibres. Just wanted to send my kudos.

- Andrea