Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Bobbin Dancing

Another cool find from our moving boxes - some merino top I had dyed a while ago in our Dancing Queen colourway. Vibrant and motivating, these colours! It has now been whipped up on Elspeth into a slubby yarn. I prefer spinning the smooth yarns, rather than thick and thin. Anyhoo, the yarn is for sale in our webstore and etsy store (having some troubles with etsy links after the etsy v2 launch).
Struggling to concentrate on the sock I have been knitting in the Country Fair colourway. Happy with the way the yarn is knitting up, but the brain is not getting it together, so it has been popped back on the "to do" list until I get some sleep!!


Merry Munchkin Designs said...

I am still trying to finish the second sock to a pair I started for Kayla 5 months ago, why do we have 2 feet! Yarn looks wicked! Cheers Tye

That Spinning Place said...

Thanks Tye!

Ruth.... said...

Well...I think you are both beyond clever to be able to knit socks! I'ld kill to be able to knit socks! hehe I'm still scrolling down to look at the berries/choc yarn. delicious.