Sunday, November 12, 2006

Feeling festive?

What a great weekend! Mostly spent outside doing heavy duty gardening with the kids playing in the backyard, and picking the ripe boysenberries from the bush. Those are some of my favourite memories of childhood, and I hope it will be for my kids too.
Squeezed some time in for a quick dye and spin (a true fibre addict!). Merino top, dyed with red and greens, which I plan to ply with metallic gold thread. To be known as "Festive" in its future life. Pics of the finished yarn coming soon.
Still not happy with the Majacraft plying bobbin after replacing the yarn guide clip. Mine makes a distracting whooshing noise, which the standard bobbins don't (they are beautifully silent, perfect for spinning while watching those great movies from the 1940's with lightning-fast dialogue). Back again to sort that problem out (hopefully).

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Merry Munchkin Designs said...

that is gorgeous! Cheers Tye x