Sunday, July 15, 2007

Quick Knitting

I realised Friday night that I had no beanie to wear while watching my kids play Aussie Rules footy on Saturday morning. The games were out at Richmond where the wind blows over mountains (and any snow that has fallen around Oberon and Orange) right into our faces at the footy field. A cold day was predicted by the weather bureau, and I remembered last time I was there on such a day it was bitterly cold. Therefore I stayed up very late Friday frantically knitting myself a beanie - the rest of the family already had one each.

In the morning, exhausted, and rugged up with layers to fend off the cold wind, I got out of the car and the kids put on their sleeveless footy jumpers and shorts (!) and ran off.

After setting up the chairs, rug, bags with everyone's warm clothes, snacks, water, etc etc, I settled in to watch the game. The winters day was warm as toast and sunny, with a slight refreshing breeze. I took my jacket off. The beanie stayed in my bag.

Hmmm. At least next time I will have a warm hat...


Merry Munchkin Designs said...

Ahhh, the all night useless knit along....been there done that so many times it is actually embarrassing!

Anonymous said...

yep, i've done that too. Stayed up all night making my daughter a ball gown and she didn't like it or wear it aaargh! Love the colour of your beanie though, and there's more cold weather to come so don't fret :-) And of course, I love the colour-coordinated stitch marker LOL.