Thursday, January 11, 2007


The last two nights I threw everything else aside, swiped the dust off Elspeth, and did some spinning. The plied yarn is merino dyed in a new colourway, "Atmosphere," which I have been playing around with and, wow, did this yarn turn out SOFT and SPROINGy!! I keep squeezing it just for fun. The single on the bobbin is merino in our "Mulberry Delight" colourway. Online and Etsy Store updates in the pipeline.
It felt good to get spinning again, and meshed well with the veggie garden I have been making in the backyard - stripping life back to the basics.


tisjewel said...

I get withdrawls when I haven't spun in a couple of days! LOL, it's addicting stuff! :) Yet it seems like I'm never spinning enough, ya know what I mean?

Ruth.... said...

Loving the Mulberry delight and I'm loving the use of the SPROINGy...hehe..