Sunday, December 03, 2006

Mood Swings

I've managed to squeeze some spinning time into this busy time of year. Rainbow sprinkles is now plied - handpainted pure finn.

I also spun the "Smokey Rose" merino top I dyed a while ago. This was spun in a slubby style and plied with a lovely shiny pink embroidery thread.

Then I latched on to some cashmere/finn top I had handpainted with some left over dyes a while back - unfortunately I didn't write down the dye recipe!! I LOVE IT!! It's called it "Mood Swings" due to the battering it took at the wheel during the "Great Kitchen Renovation Disaster of 2006" that has been going on at our house.

These yarns have been popped on to the webstore and etsy store. I'm thinking of taking off with Mood Swings myself...

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Ruth.... said...

I'm with you..that mood swings is absolutely beautiful. It's cruel, though...sometimes even when you follow step by step what you wrote down you have trouble recreating a hank you love...sheessshhh.